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Train and repel dogs with the new Super Dogchaser

It was a Saturday afternoon and I was working in my yard. In my neighborhood we have a lot of dog lovers. That translates into having plenty of dogs strolling around in the hood. Some of  the dogs are very friendly, and some are not. As I continue to complete my yard work, a stray dog approached me. Now being the owner of a security company, I had my pepper spray on me. I did not know if this dog was going to attack me. As I ponder on if I should use the spray, something went through my head. I wish I had my Super Dogchaser on me. The Super Dogchaser uses ultrasonic technology in two ways to repel a dog. The first is a high frequency sound, and the second is a super bright LED flashing strobe. The Super Dogchaser can also be use to train any dog with the built in training setting.

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