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Surveillance Systems are affordable now

Today we are living in a time that you cannot trust your neighbors, and sometimes your own family. In many homes both parents are working to pay the bills. Our kids are coming home to empty homes. The neighbors are in the same grind working to pay the bills. So who is there to watch over the kids, and the home while everyone is working. Surveillance systems are becoming more popular today, because  everyone is working, and no one is home to watch over the kids and the house. Most homes would need the minimum of a 4 Channel Wired Digital Video Recording Complete System. This system will allow you to install up to 4 wired cameras to digitally record all activity. The DVR has full networking capability and allows you to view live video on the internet or play back recorded video. The 4 Channel Wired Digital Video recording Complete System is a good system for under $800 dollars.

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