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Husband and Wife Business Providing Security Gifts For Christmas

Marvin and Tracy Lewis the owners of Tri State Security Products  have seen their sales bump, this Christmas season. We have seen a big bump in some our best selling products says Tracy. Our Lipstick Stun Gun Flashlight continues to be favorite gift for women. They come in red, purple, pink, gold, and black. They are only 5 inches long, and will fit in any size purse. Marvin says another product that is selling is the Mace Pepper Gun. This is a great product for the consumer who do not want to carry a firearm. It will shoot up to 15 feet away, and has a flashlight. Marvin and Tracy knows what they are talking about. They have been selling these products for over 20 years. We started selling these product through our mail order catalog. Two years ago they launch their website TRISTATESECURITYPRODUCTS.COM . We are very passionate about our business, and the products we provide, The culture of our country has changed over the last 8 years, people are feeling the need to protect themselves and their families. We want to give the people an option of protecting themselves and their families with our non-lethal security, and safety products.

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