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Every College Bound Female Student Needs the Extreme College Survival Kit

One in five college women will be assaulted on college campuses. For many of these women, this will be their first time away from home. Being on their own, can be challenging and scary. The parents of these young women are also going through a difficult time as well. Concerned, what can a parent do to help protect their daughters on college campuses? They can provide their daughters with the Extreme College Survival Kit The Kit contains the following products. 4 different Pepper Sprays, Diversion safe to hide valuables, Door Stop Alarm, Electronic Pocket Whistle, Cell Phone Lite. You also get 6 special reports; College and Safety Kits, College Rape Report, How to secure your dorm or apartment, Roommates, Safe Dating, and Tools parents can use to prepare their daughters for college. The Extreme College Survival Kit also contain a instructional DVD demonstrating each product in the kit. Every parent should invest in this kit, to provide safety products for their daughters, and peace on mind for themselves.



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